Behind the Scenes with the Gargantuan ‘Titanfall Collector’s Edition’ Statue

November 18, 2013 Off By The Nerdcotics Staff

The Titanfall Collector's Edition Statue

Although Respawn Entertainment’s debut effort ‘Titanfall’ won’t be hitting Xbox One, Xbox 360, and the PC until March 2014, based on the accolades and player feedback that the game has already garnered it appears destined to be next year’s preeminent sci-fi first person shooter.

A game release of this magnitude clearly requires a limited edition set of equally monumental proportions and what Respawn has on tap is unlikely to disappoint. The recently revealed ‘Titanfall Collector’s Edition’ includes the typical extras like an exclusive art book and poster with the game disc, but it’s the eighteen inch, LED-illuminated, statue of one of the game’s ‘Atlas Titans’ that make the set so desirable and ultimately so pricey ($250).

Learn more about what went into crafting this monolithic ‘Titanfall’ statue in the official video here with commentary by Respawn’s Lead Artist, Joel Emslie.

Source: Xbox Wire


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