Kaiyodo’s Megatron Action Figure: Long Live Transformers Generation One

December 16, 2013 0 By The Nerdcotics Staff

The Kaiyodo Megatron Action Figure

We snagged this enticing “Generation One” Transformer at the Kaiyodo retail store in the heart of Tokyo’s Akihabara district.

Officially dubbed the “Destron Leader Megatron Series No. 25”, this import action figure is fully licensed by Takara-Tomy yet produced and manufactured by Kaiyodo as part of the company’s “super poseable” Revoltech Series. Kaiyodo’s creative team, led by Katsuhisa Yamaguchi (lead sculptor), Tetsuya Umeda (painter), and Nobuchika Ohtsu (finish artist), deserves special recognition for the meticulous effort required to bring this spectacular 6″ figure to life.

Like most other Kaiyodo Transformers action figures Megatron doesn’t actually transform. There’s enough articulation in the arms, legs, and torso (courtesy of Kaiyodo’s Revolver Joint) however to capture a variety of looks inspired by the comics and the classic animated series. Megatron’s accessories, which include an additional swappable head and alternate fists, enable even more stylized posing options.

Outside of Japan, this Kaiyodo Generation One Transformer is fairly hard to come by. We’ve got this elusive import firmly in our clutches however so feel free to peruse our exclusive images of the nefarious Destron Leader below.

Kaiyodo's Revoltech Megatron Action FigureKaiyodo's Revoltech 'Megatron' Action FigureKaiyodo's Revoltech Megatron Action FigureKaiyodo's Revoltech 'Megatron' Action Figure


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