• The Life-Size Lego Marvel Iron Man Stands Guard in the ‘Windy City’

    Lego Marvel Iron Man Life-Size Replica

    For anyone who’s ever wondered what Tony Stark’s “Mark 42 Autonomic Prehensile Propulsion Suit” would look like comprised of thousands of plastic bricks, check out this amazing life-size Lego Marvel Iron Man replica that’s currently guarding the entrance to Chicago’s sprawling Water Tower Place Lego Store.

    The monolithic 6’ 5” Lego Avenger took designer and builder, Eric Varzsegi, over 250 painstaking hours to complete. Thanks to a creative partnership with Marvel, the artist was able to use the same 3D models used in the production of “Iron Man 3” to create a towering statue that’s faithful to the Mark 42’s screen aesthetic with all the details including LED-illumination in the eyes, chest piece, and hand repulsors.

    The Chicago Lego Store is only the latest stop on a cross-country trek that began with the debut of the “Mark 42” replica at Comic Con 2013. For Marvel fans in the area, this monument to superhuman patience is worth a visit. The Lego superhero may be on the move but you can check out more images below.

    Lego Marvel Iron Man Life-Size ReplicaLego Marvel Iron Man Life-Size Replica Lego Marvel Iron Man Life-Size Replica Lego Marvel Iron Man Life-Size Replica

    Author: The Nerdcotics Staff

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