Monsters Sighted: More NECA Pacific Rim Action Figures for the Collection

February 3, 2014 0 By The Nerdcotics Staff

NECA Pacific Rim Action FiguresPacific Rim smashed its way into theaters last summer, but thanks to NECA’s ever expanding line of movie-inspired action figures, the battle between the colossal and keenly destructive sea beasts and mankind’s human driven robot monstrosities never has to end.

Having already featured Knifehead and Gipsy Danger, our next set of miniature titans includes the three-armed “Jaeger” mech, Crimson Typhoon, and the gargantuan “category 4 Kaiju, Leatherback. Like other NECA Pacific Rim action figures, these poseable statues are veritable doppelgangers of their on screen counterparts and offer enough poseability to reenact a respectable variety of action scenes from the film.

The sculpture and painted finish of each 7.5” action figure are impressively authentic. In particular, Crimson Typhoon shows a remarkable level of detail in the appendages and armor as well as the minute lettering and symbology scrawled on its faux armor plating.

For the price, it’s hard to not recommend NECA’s growing assortment of Pacific Rim action figures. We’ll be featuring more characters soon, but in the interim check out more shots of Crimson Typhoon and Leatherback below.

NECA Pacific Rim Action FiguresNECA Pacific Rim FiguresNECA Pacific Rim Action FiguresNECA Pacific Rim Action FiguresNECA Pacific Rim Action FiguresNECA Pacific Rim Action FiguresNECA's Crimson Typhoon Action FigureNECA Pacific Rim Action FiguresNECA's Pacific Rim Action Figures - Leatherback, Crimson Typhoon, and Gipsy Danger


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