Herb Trimpe at the 2014 Hawaii Collector’s Expo

Legendary Comic Book Artist and Wolverine Co-Creator, Herb Trimpe, Headlines the 2014 Hawaii Collector’s Expo

February 26, 2014 0 By The Nerdcotics Staff

Herb Trimpe at the 2014 Hawaii Collector’s Expo

Although it’s unlikely that the Hawaii Collector’s Expo will ever emerge from the shadow of larger science fiction gatherings like Comic-Con or WonderCon, the 24th iteration of the event (recently convened in Honolulu from 21-24 February) offered proof that even the humblest of venues can offer a bit of spectacle.

The clear highlight of the 2014 Hawaii Collector’s Expo was the presence of legendary comic book artist, Herb Trimpe. Since the 1960’s, Mr. Trimpe has amassed a vast, mind-boggling portfolio of comics that include Guardians of the Galaxy, The Fantastic Four Unlimited, Godzilla, The Transformers, and G.I. Joe among others. He’s also credited with helping to bringing the iconic, Wolverine to life in the pages of The Incredible Hulk (issues #180 and #181) during his eight year tenure at Marvel Comics.

Despite his extraordinary body of work and celebrity status, Mr. Trimpe was ever gracious and engaging as the centerpiece of a sponsored meet & greet for the devoted throng of comic book aficionados in attendance. Whether signing autographs or interacting with fans it was truly refreshing to see that Herb Trimpe’s uncanny artistic talent seems to be matched by an equally superhero-sized appreciation of his enthusiastic admirers.

Herb Trimpe's Autograph from the 2014 Hawaii Collector’s Expo


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