The Anovos Ender's Game Blaster Replica

The Fate of the Anovos Ender’s Game Blaster Replica Lies with the Fans

April 23, 2014 0 By The Nerdcotics Staff

The Anovos Ender's Game Blaster Replica

For ardent fans of 2013’s big screen adaptation of Ender’s Game looking to obtain a full-sized reproduction of the pistol wielded by the film’s titular hero, there’s little time to wait. The pre-order window for the Anovos Ender’s Game Blaster replica closes April 25th and if enough of the initial run of prop weapons (100 total) aren’t pre-purchased it ultimately won’t see a retail release.

The Ender’s Game light gun replica is being offered as part of Anovos’ own crowd-funding program called, NovoStarter. Similar to other external funding solutions like Kickstarter or Indiegogo, what gets made is determined by whether or not the item reaches its minimum pre-order threshold. In the end, smaller niche products get made and the devoted base of fans that backed the items get them for less than the retail price, however that’s only if enough of them are pre-sold to warrant full production.

Anovos is currently offering the 1:1 scale, urethane, LED-illuminated replica in three pre-order tiers with prices of $200, $280, and $315 USD; all below the expected retail price of $350 USD. Tier 1 and Tier 2 pre-orders also receive exclusive Dragon Army and Salamander Army plaques, respectively. If the first tier of pre-orders sell-out and the Ender’s Game Blaster replica enters production, shipping is expected to begin in August 2014.

Fans only have a few more days to show their support and ensure that the Anovos Ender’s Game Blaster replica sees the light of day. Regardless of whether it makes it to retail, the Novostarter program is an exciting proposition for enthusiasts with a penchant for sci-fi esoterica that will hopefully expand and thrive. Check out Anovos for more information and to get in on the pre-orders.

Source/Images: Anovos

The Anovos Ender's Game Blaster ReplicaThe Anovos Ender's Game Blaster ReplicaThe Anovos Ender's Game Blaster ReplicaThe Anovos Ender's Game Blaster Replica


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