Loot Crate | "Power" (May 2016)

Loot Crate Delivers the Power with its Smashing May Box

May 29, 2016 1 By The Nerdcotics Staff

Loot Crate | "Power" (May 2016)

For the devoted legion of Loot Crate subscribers, the latest release in the monthly swag-filled box service is brimming with covetable exclusives. Dubbed the “Power” crate, the May offering is filled with wearables and collectible items aimed at emphasizing its larger than life theme.

Breaking the seal and lifting the lid on the May Loot Crate reveals an aptly power-packed assortment of items from a range of pop culture properties. In addition to the 30-page Loot Crate mini-magazine (with its awesome Hulk cover and insider interview with one of the stars of the upcoming Warcraft movie, Robert Kazinsky), subscribers will find exclusive loot like the wonderfully over-the-top Dragon Ball Z Shenron Plush Keychain, remarkably useful Infinity Guantlet Oven Mitt, and timely Warcraft t-shirt celebrating the looming release of the film in June. Looters are also treated to a wearable pin inspired by the A.I. bots in the multiplayer shooting game, Battleborn, along with a smashing 3.5-inch collectible Hulk figurine by QMx.

For all the latest information about Loot Crate be sure to check out the official site via the following link. There, current and prospective Looters can find the most up to date details regarding membership tiers, pricing, and how to sign-up. It’s also the best source for the latest word on what’s expected to be shipping to the doorsteps of subscribers in the coming months, including the upcoming “Dystopia”-themed box that’s due to ship in June.

For geeks, gamers, collectors, and pop culture enthusiasts looking to find out more about Loot Crate’s other exclusive-filled swag boxes (including Loot Pets, Loot Anime, and Loot Gaming), be sure to check out their official web pages via the preceding links.

Loot Crate | "Power" (May 2016)Loot Crate | "Power" (May 2016)Loot Crate | "Power" (May 2016)Loot Crate | "Power" (May 2016)Loot Crate | "Power" (May 2016)Loot Crate | "Power" (May 2016)Loot Crate | "Power" (May 2016)Loot Crate | "Power" (May 2016)Loot Crate | "Power" (May 2016)


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